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Mieshka  Gallery

Mieshka (mishka) means teddy bear in russian. While mieshka looks more like a leopard than a teddy bear, she is as lovable as a teddy bear. Mieshka has the best rosettes of any of our breeders. Her mother, Makana, recently retired, has good rosettes. Mieshka has excellent rosettes and the kittens have even better rosettes. If rosettes are your number one priority, then Mieshka’s kittens are the ones to hold out for. She is strong willed, but exceptionally affectionate. Of course what cat isn’t strong willed. As the saying goes: “you cannot out-stubborn a cat.” Mieshka is just starting her breeding career, we have high expectations for her.

bengal cat queen mieshka

bengal cat queen mieshka

bengal cat queen mieshka

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