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Mistaya  gallery

in the terry brooks novel “princess of landover,” mistaya, the child of a human and an elf, is the princess but sent to a boarding school in the father's human world. the child mistaya is always getting in trouble doing things no child should do such as conjuring up a realistic image of the dragon strabo to scare the girls at her human college when they were giving her a bad time.

mistaya is well named. while loving and affectionate she needs to always explore, getting into one situation after another. she has pushed out two window screens and the patio door screen so she can go exploring. of course all the other cats follow her out. she never goes far, she just likes adventure. she is the only cat that gets on our 7 foot high bookcase.

of course, “the apple never falls far from the tree” and her kittens inherit the mothers good-natured must-explore- everything nature.

mistaya is one of my favorite cats!

bengal cat queen mistaya

bengal cat queen mistaya

bengal cat queen mistaya

bengal cat queen mistaya

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