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Peleko  gallery

In japanese the “ko” suffix on a name means "child of". Peleko is the child of Pele (the goddess of volcanos). Pele is a fabulous mother bengal with strong nurturing instincts and enough milk to satisfy 20 kittens. For her first litter Peleko had 7 kittens and kept them all. Peleko is a wonderful mother just like her mother. She also has a loving, playful, strong willed personality which she transfers to her kittens. I think in time she will prove to be the best mother bengal I have. Pele would bite if you tried to touch her kittens for the first week after their birth. Peleko happily does not have that trait—I guess her father toned down some of the natural mothering aggression.

bengal cat queen peleko

bengal cat queen peleko

bengal cat queen peleko

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