Bengal cats and kitten for sale in San Diego
Bengal cats and kitten for sale in San Diego

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Bengal Kittens for Sale

Dear Potential Bengal Kitten Owner,

We are especially proud of our kittens. They come from sweet, loving,
champion lines and are not only exceptionally beautiful but they also have sweet,
affectionate temperaments and crave human attention and companionship.

This confident, well socialized personality is a result selective breeding but especially
 because of our early socialization and handling techniques.
From birth all kittens are introduced to our smell and touch and sound.

 As their eyes open the first thing they see after the mother is humans.
The grandchildren play with them and we vacuum around them almost daily.

They are held, handled, caressed and played with on an ongoing basis.
 From 2 weeks to 7 weeks of age is the most critical time for imprinting.
By the time you get your kitten they have already been strongly imprinted to humans.

We retire our Queens after about 3 years so they can have a normal life.
We choose replacements, not just based on beauty, but even more important based on temperament,
vigor, and ability to get along with other cats, animals, and people.
Available Kittens
Ebony Litter
Ebony has 4 kittens all female. 3 are sold, one is being held for evaluation.
They were born July 22nd. Brissinger is the father
Bengal kittens for sale San Diego
Bengal kittens for sale San Diego
How much fun can you have in a drawer anyway... answer: lots!!!
Bengal kittens for sale San Diego

Sassy Litter
Sassy had only two kittens this time, both brown spotted, one male one female.
Hunter is the father and they were born Sept. 14.
Both parents have superb spots and color and the kittens take after the parents they will be stunning.

Bengal kittens for sale San Diego
Bengal kittens for sale San Diego

SunDancer Litter
SunDancer is my favorite queen. She has superb kittens with great color, markings and personality. They are being raised in the kitchen where they will have constant love and attention. Two are sold, four are available Mostly females left
Bengal kittens for sale San Diego

NightShade Litter
  NightShade is bred to SnowFire he carries a longhair gene so these kittens will be super soft and have slightly longer hair than normal but still short. They were born Sept. 16 and will be ready for their new home after they are 10 weeks old, i.e. around Thanksgiving. The kittens are snow sepia with the blue eyes and whitish undercoat.
Snow Bengal kittens for sale San Diego 
The snows are $950 each, less than the brown spotted but the same Bengal characteristics they are true Bengals.

Chinook Litter
Chinook only has two kittens this time, a marbled Lynx Point and a spotted Sepia. The Lynx Point are the lightest of the three snow colors and have the most intense blue eyes of the three. Add to that the silver gene and their eyes are piercing blue. They were born Sept. 14 and will be ready around Thanksgiving.
Snow Bengal kittens for sale San Diego
Keep watching for updates!


Available Kittens & Litters on the way

DOB Parents  Available Number available and Notes
Sept 2Sundancer x SGC BrissingerNov 113 richly colored, dark spotted, 1 light brown with dark brown head.
Sept 11Nightshade x SnowFireNov 202 sepia spotted and 1 sepia marble
Sept 14Sassy x HunterNov 23All rich dark brown spotted, exceptional rosettes, active personality and athletic.
Sept 18Chinook x NeoNov 271 sepia snow, 1 lynx point snow
Oct 1Sarissa x RhaeglDec 2Expecting friendly kittens, big, brown, exceptional rosettes, affectionate.
Oct 11Sasha x SGC BrissingerDec 20
Oct 30Breezy x SGC BrissingerJan 8

Most of our kittens are sold by the time they are 8 weeks old.
We let them go to their new permanent home at 10 weeks of age.
A $200 deposit will hold the kitten of your choice.
Breezy and kittens having a great time!

Bengal kittens and cats for sale San Diego
For your enjoyment: A Sleepy Afternoon

Bengal kittens for sale San Diego

Bengal kittens for sale

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bengal kittens for sale  Bengal kittens for sale  Bengal kittens for sale

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